A USA-Made Collection for the Modern Explorer

Nearly a century ago, Charles Danner came to Oregon to set a new standard in boots. Inspired by the rugged loggers and demanding conditions of the Pacific Northwest, he set out to build the highest-quality boots for the outdoors. For the past 90 years, this pioneering spirit has produced iconic Danner styles including the Mountain Light and Danner Light.

90 Years of Quality

Our Portland Select collection honors our 90-year legacy of quality: boots made in our USA factory with unmatched craftsmanship and premium materials that perform in any environment.

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Built to be Rebuilt

Portland Select boots are fully Recraftable to keep you exploring as long as possible. Every step adds to your story. Every scuff, every crease, etched over countless miles. These are not just boots. They’re your boots: a reflection of the journey you’ve taken, and the journey still to come.

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