Weatherized Collection

Even the hardiest resolves are challenged by a life lived outdoors through the wet, mud and cold. The pursuit of that lifestyle inspired us to develop our Weatherized Collection. Leveraging the great fit and technology from our award-winning Mountain 600, this collection is fortified against the coldest months of the year. Whichever pair you choose, we did hard work to make winter a little bit easier for you.

Insulated for Adventure

Cold feet are a quick way to derail your winter adventures. Don’t let them. With the PrimaLoft insulated Weatherized Collection you’ll be ready to stand up to low temps. Closely resembling down, PrimaLoft Insulation has one of the highest warmth-to-weight ratios of any synthetic fiber available, adding warmth without the weight that distracts you from enjoying the best of what winter has to offer.

Close up image of insulated black boot stepping into snow and slush.

Close up image of the bottom of an outsole, showing the Vibram logo Arctic Grip logos.

Our Most Advanced Cold-Weather Traction

Winter weather serves up slick surfaces with nearly every step whether you’re in town or afield. To ensure you get serious traction we turned to Vibram's Megagrip and Arctic Grip technologies. Using Vibram’s grippiest rubber compounds, these specialized outsoles are ready to meet the cold so you can be on solid footing all season.

Dry Feet No Matter How Water Strikes

Winter ups the ante when it comes to wet feet. Icy cold water has a way of sneaking into shoes at the worst times, leaving you cold, wet and ready to head indoors. The new Weatherized Collection uses our proprietary Danner Dry waterproof liner to keep out whatever the forecast, or a slushy pothole, has in store for you. Rain, snow and slush can try their best, but Danner Dry will have you covered.

Close up image of brown snow boots standing in slush.

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