Pillars of Danner Quality

Premium Materials

Find out what our boots are made of.

Hand-Inspected Leather

100% of the hides used in our Portland factory are inspected by hand – far exceeding the industry average.

The First to Put GORE-TEX On Foot

In 1979, we became the first footwear company to utilize GORE-TEX waterproof liners in our iconic Danner Light.

We Go Way Back with Vibram®

Since the 1960s, Vibram® has been a trusted partner of Danner. Together, we’ve collaborated, innovated, and introduced new Vibram® technologies exclusively in Danner products.

Laced to Last

Our laces are put through over 100,000 cycles of abrasion testing to ensure they stand up to heavy wear. 

Our 5-Point Leather Inspection

Test your knowledge by tapping on the cards below.

A man is using a computer to design a pair of Danner Boots.

What is a lastometer used for?


Our lastometer test determines if the hide can withstand the tension that occurs during construction.

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Why do we test the softness of our leather?


Leather can’t be too stiff (causing discomfort and noise during wear) nor too soft (which can cause a lack of structure).

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Why is it important to have consistent thickness across full-grain hides?


Uneven hides can become problematic during construction and wear, causing premature wearing or stiff, uncomfortable hotspots.

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What is a color and finish test?


We conduct a color and finish test to ensure that the color is consistent and has fully saturated the leather. Hides are also tested for durability of the finish, tone and brightness.

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Why is the leather strength test so important?


We test the strength of our leather to ensure that it won’t tear when stretched during construction, and that it will stand up to the rigors of use for years to come.