Pillars of Danner Quality

Lab Testing

Rigorously recreating the wear and tear.

Wood sign saying Testing Laboratory

Welcome to Danner Quality Assurance

Watch our videos and see if you can tell what makes the cut.

Waterproof Test

Does this liner pass or fail our waterproofing test?

Wet Flex Test

The wet flex test mimics the motion of walking. How many miles do you think this shoe is tested for?

Centrifuge Test

What does the centrifuge test gauge?

Midsole Adherence Test

How much force is required to break the adhesion bond between the midsole and the outsole?

Laces Abrasion Test

How many revolutions do the laces go through in this durability test?

Martindale Abrasion Test

How many cycles must a footbed or lining withstand with no abrasion or pilling?