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Inspired by decades of legendary hiking boots and a strong desire to innovate, we teamed up with our long-time partner Vibram to create a new boot that bridges classic style with modern performance. The Mountain 600 features the first-ever Vibram SPE midsole, combining the best properties of rubber and EVA to provide lightweight cushioning that won't break down easily over time. The Vibram Fuga outsole with Megagrip compound gives the boot unparalleled traction on both wet and dry terrain. And to withstand the wettest conditions, we added a durable suede upper with waterproof Danner Dry lining.

Vibram SPE Midsole

The Danner Mountain 600 features the Vibram SPE (Specialized Performance Elastomer) midsole, an all-new, technical compound engineered to deliver greater comfort and flexibility. Created with a unique co-polymer blend of synthetic natural rubber and EVA, this midsole improves resiliency, cushioning, and durability, while minimizing weight.

Vibram Fuga Outsole with Megagrip

By combining the SPE midsole with the Vibram Fuga outsole, we were able to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility and traction. The pliable SPE midsole and flex lines of the Fuga outsole allow your foot to expand to a wider surface, while the unique self-adaptive lug pattern grips at multiple angles. This combination provides ultimate stability when traversing across rocky trails or scree. The entire outsole is injected with Vibram’s Megagrip rubber technology for ultimate hold on wet and dry terrain.

Waterproof Protection

Drawing from years spent building durable leather hiking boots, we selected a specific suede for the Mountain 600, knowing that its lighter weight, waterproof and superior abrasion-resistant qualities would hold up to the rugged Pacific Northwest. We designed the boot to have minimal seams and lined it with Danner Dry to ensure it could withstand the wettest conditions.

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