Your hunts aren’t all the same. Season to season, year to year, you’re pursuing new terrain and pushing yourself. To be better, more skilled, never content or complacent. The Vital was built for that pursuit of the perfect hunting technique. It’s a high-performance combination of light and fast technology from today’s best outdoor and athletic footwear with the durability and reliability Danner is built upon. The Vital will get you where you need to be at the moment you need to be there.

Image of a hunter wearing camo clothing sitting down tying their Vital boots with a log in the foreground.

Hike Inspired, Hunt Proven

Light hiking boots make the trail pass quicker and the day more enjoyable. A day in the field is no different. Every ounce is an ounce that’s noticed. We took a page from our hiking boots and integrated our new Plyolite midsole into the Vital. Adding Plyolite offers plenty of cushioning, keeps things light, and improves the durability. We also know that the terrain can change quickly so we paired the new upper and midsole with a custom Vital outsole that grips moss, rock, and slick surfaces with ease. With the Vital you’ll move faster and be more energized wherever your prey roams.

Close-up image of a hunter walking through long grass wearing camo pants and the brown Vital boots with dirt on the outsole.

Image looking down at the top of a hunters' feet wearing brown Vital boots and camo pants holding their bow in their right hand.

Image of a hunter jumping down a small ledge in the brush wearing camo clothing and the brown Vital boots.

Dry, cool, and comfortable - how feet should be.

You can't afford to pause for puddles, streams, or angry skies, so keeping water out is a must. Equally important is making sure your feet can breath when temps spike or you’re in hot pursuit of an Elk. To ensure this for the Vital, we used a floating tongue to allow for better airflow and cooler feet when you’re working up a sweat. Strategically located foam panels use varying thickness to lend the support and cushioning you need and strip out any unnecessary bulk and weight. All told, the Vital lets you focus on hunting and forget about your feet.

Image of the lower half of a hunter standing in a rocky, high desert landscape in low light wearing camo pants and brown Vital boots holding their bow in their right hand.

Follow the tracks wherever they lead

A day hunting in the backcountry means running into brush, sticks, rocks, downed trees and many more unpredictable obstacles. To ensure the Vital would be ready for the challenge, we gave the leather components a rugged, protective coating to increase its abrasion resistance. Our Danner Dry liner ensures that the Vital is 100% waterproof because hunts don’t pause when the going gets wet. Lastly, we used a combination of lacing hardware and ghillies that protects the laces, but also stays quiet while you’re stalking or need to adjust your boot in the field.

Close-up image of a hunters' leg wearing camo pants and the brown Vital boots in low light.

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