Built for the Backcountry

High-altitude hunting demands the very best of those who venture there. The stakes are as high as the rewards and trustworthy gear is essential for success. Built from premium materials in our Portland, Ore. factory, the Thorofare is designed to keep the hunter safe and stable when steep angles and heavy packs enter the picture. The 10” tall boot is one of the most supportive we’ve ever built with components from industry-leading partners like Vibram and GORE-TEX. When the mountains get treacherous and the rewards greater, know the Thorofare will get you there and back without breaking a sweat.

Image of a hunter hiking through tall bunch grass in the sunlight using trekking poles and wearing all camo clothing and a backpack with their bow attached, there are big, snow-covered mountain peaks in the background.

Image of a hunter sitting down while tying their tall Thorofare boots with light brown leather, black around the top of the outsole, a black outsole, black eyelets, and dark green laces.

Steady onward

We took the framework from our popular alpine mountaineering boot and evolved it to specifically address the needs of hunters. By adding extra height to the upper construction, the 10" tall Thorofare offers additional support up and over the ankles and provides more protection from errant rocks and brush. The leather lining will mold to your foot over time for a more customized fit, while a thick Polyurethane footbed offers a high-level of cushioning that won't compress over time — leaving you with underfoot comfort for many miles in the backcountry. Our unique ball-bearing lace system offers an easy, even lace pull with no resistance giving you a quiet and consistent fit for every hour of the hunt, everyday.

Image of a hunter hiking in a brilliant mountain landscape wearing all camo clothing and Thorofare boots, using trekking poles, and wearing a backpack with their bow attached.

Underfoot stability you can count on

Knowing what to expect from your boots with every step inspires confidence, critical when you're headed into the mountains. Our decades of experience have taught us that many boots change along with trail and weather conditions, leading to variable performance and instability. For the Thorofare, we wanted to ensure that whether the temps are rising or falling you know exactly what to expect from them. That's why we developed our Dynamic Response System, which is engineered for optimal stability underfoot. Its framework provides springboard return, even in cold environments, paired with a dual-density polyurethane midsole for super shock absorption and durability.

Close-up image of a hunter wearing camo pants and Thorofare boots showing the DRS logo on the heel walking over wet rocks.

Image of a hunter standing on a wet rock wearing camo pants and Thorofare boots that are a little wet on the toe.

Close-up image of the Thorofare boot and embossed Gore Tex with water droplets on the leather.

Damn durable

Our Portland, Oregon factory is known for overbuilding our boots so that they last a lifetime. The Thorofare is no exception. We start with a high-quality nubuck leather that is known for its strength. Looking to avoid unnecessary stitching for better waterproof protection, we use a large, single piece of leather for the vamp - minimizing seams in areas where water tends to leak in the most. We also wrap the boot in a Vibram rubber rand for extra protection against sharp rocks and any other debris. Whether it's scree, talus or any other obstacle in your path, the Thorofare is ready to get rough.

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