Heat Always Rises

You bring the heat every mission—but when the mission brings the heat right back, the Scorch is here to serve. It’s built first for breathability thanks to a lightweight upper patterned with mesh panels. The Plylolite midsole and the speed lace system work together to make it light, agile and ready when you are—while the outsole is slip resistant and designed for stability. When the heat is on, the Scorch is extra breathable to keep you cool all the way down.

Close-up image of the black fabric and webbing on an all black boot.

Breathe easy

Regardless of how high the temp is spiking, some jobs require a black, polishable toe boot no matter what. Hot feet only make the long hours longer, so we set out to build our most breathable, tactical boot yet and help cool things down. The Scorch keeps air moving with a 360 degree mesh liner for all-around breathability. Integrated die cut windows provide even more strategic air flow where you need it most. With the Scorch, you get the boot you need for the job, and the comfort to do it just a little easier.

Image of a person's feet standing on corrugated concrete wearing all black boots.

Easy on. Easy off.

When time is of the essence, you need the right fit fast. With the Scorch, we make it quick and customizable. Speed laces allow you to make on-the-go adjustments with one swift pull, while side zippers allow for easy on and off whenever necessary.

Close-up image of the speed lace eyelets of an all black leather boot./p>

Close-up image of the fabric, webbing, and leather of an all black boot.

Close-up image of the ousole of the Scorch boot showing the slip resistant tread pattern and Danner logo.

Pound the pavement

The Scorch was designed from the ground up to perform in an urban environment. Its slip resistant outsole uses omni-directional channels for water siping to ensure a sure grip. Inner arch support and a shock absorbing midsole keep your feet comfortable on the hardest surfaces. Whether you're on slick side streets or the uneven ground of a vacant lot, you'll have the ultimate grip and comfort with the Scorch.

Image of the back and side of an all black boot showing the zipper.

Built to take what the streets dish out

It’s no secret that we take durability very seriously here at Danner. To adhere to our exacting standards we put the Scorch through our brutal 100,000 flex testing process to ensure that it not only lives up to the Danner durability expectations, but yours too.

Image of an all black boot showing the textured mid and outsole that wrap onto the side and front of the boot.

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