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Over ten years ago, we released the very first Quarry work boot. Since then, it has become a staple for workers around the country. And now, for the first time, we’ve brought manufacturing of the Quarry, using imported parts, to our Portland, Ore. factory, and at the same time made major improvements to its comfort and durability.

Image of the side profile of a worker using a pneumatic drill to fasten metal sheets together wearing a white hardhat, bright yellow vest, harness, large leather gloves, gray pants, and brown leather work boots.

Built to Last

Through research and evaluation of previously worn Quarrys, we noticed the midsole was one of the first parts of the boot to break down. For that reason we worked with Vibram to integrate a new highly durable, 12 Iron Vibram midsole with our updated and rugged Vibram outsole.

Close-up image of a person wearing gray pants and brown leather workboots with triple white stitching on the upper and a black outsole with the yellow Vibram logo visible on the heel.

Close-up image of a worker kneeling down to tie their brown leather workboots with the Danner logo, GoreTex logo, and Vibram outsole logo visible.

Increased Comfort

Anyone who wears boots all day knows that comfort is essential. With the launch of the new Quarry, we integrated a construction developed for the military that features a highly comfortable, breathable and extremely durable collar, requiring absolutely no break in time.

Wear More. Buy Less.

Through a comprehensive field test, we noticed that the back heel stitch was a high wear area from workers kicking their boots off at the end of the day. With a simple redesign, we built additional durability into the Quarry by simply moving the back stitch to the outside of the heel.

Image of a worker sitting on a concrete ledge kicking off their brown leather workboots with black outsoles and maroon and gold laces.

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