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Hike inspired, field focused and ready for anything, the FullBore is dialed in to be the competitive advantage you’re looking for. Start with an innovative, cushioning Vibram platform and match it with Megagrip technology for unparalleled traction on the outsole. Top it off with a lightweight upper, available in either waterproof or extra-breathable versions, and you have the tactical edge you need to succeed. For any obstacle, FullBore is the new standard.

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Keep cool under pressure

Any time you’re overheating is lost time in keeping sharp and focused on the task at hand. The solution is breathability that’s balanced with durability you can count on. To meet that standard, we built the FullBore’s upper with durable suede and strategically placed breathable mesh. So, you’ll get the protection where you need it and airflow where you want it.

Close-up image of the toe of a tan boot showing the suede and mesh fabric construction.

Image of a man walking through a shooting structure carrying two black gun cases.

Close-up image of a person wearing tan suede and fabric boots with a cushy outsole and black pants.

For athletes who serve

Constant training, preparing and studying to deliver top performance when the highest stakes are on the line — the FullBore is built to live up to the athletic demands of our men and women in service. Forming the core of its DNA is the Vibram’s SPE (Specialized Performance Elastomer) midsole. With a unique blend of rubber and EVA it has improved durability over standard midsoles while minimizing weight and improving resiliency as well as energy rebound. For you, that means the FullBore gives you the excellent comfort and flexibility with superior cushioning so you can swiftly tackle any objective.

Image of two men discussing the accuracy of their shot while looking closely at their target.

Move quickly when it counts

For those who serve, each step carries a little more weight. Quick direction changes on ever shifting landscapes can make all the difference. To provide the best grip on the widest range of terrain we sought out Vibram’s industry leading MegaGrip compound and paired it with self-adaptive lugs and flex lines to provide top-tier flexibility and rock solid traction. You can step confidently knowing the FullBore is ready to adapt and overcome whatever challenge you face.

Image of a man lying on the ground shooting a gun showing the triangle outsole pattern of their tan boots.

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