Our living legacy

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Danner Light. For four decades, this family of boots has set the standard for thru-hikes, weekend treks and quality time spent in our nation’s wilds. We revolutionized the outdoor industry in the '70s when the Danner Light became the first-ever boot to use a GORE-TEX waterproof liner. In honor of this milestone, we’re throwing it back to patterns and designs circa 1979, reviving the original spirit of the Danner Light.

Image of a man with a large beard walking in a pine forest with sunlight coming through the trees wearing a camping backpack with a sleeping pad attached, dirty jeans, a jacket with green fish on it, and brown leather Danner Light boots with light brown Cordura fabric inlays on the side and thick black outsoles.

Forty years of quality craftsmanship

We've been building the Danner Light in our Portland, Ore. factory since its inception in the late '70s. This enables us to hand-select the highest quality leather, physically test the waterproofing qualities of our GORE-TEX booties and inspect every detail down to the last stitch. We build each boot as if we’re going to be lacing them up to trek switchbacks and ascend ridges ourselves for the next four decades.

Close-up image of a Danner Light boot with black leather along the toe, brown leather and Cordura fabric on the side and top, copper eyelets, black laces with a metal Gore Tex tag attached, and water droplets resting on muddy ground.

Close-up image of a person wearing light brown leather Danner Light boots with navy Cordura fabric inlays on the side, thick black outsoles, silver eyelets, navy laces, and a made in USA tag attached near the top of the boot.

Image of a well-worn pair of dark brown leather Danner Light boots with gold eyelets, maroon and gold laces, and black outsoles resting on a metal tabletop with light red chipped paint.

Great designs prevail

What good is a boot built to last decades if the style only has a few seasons of appeal? The Danner Light is timeless. Since the first pair left our Portland, Ore. factory 40 years ago, not much has changed. Made of premium full-grain leather and durable Cordura panels, today’s boot echoes the same confidence and quality as the original.

Image of a person holding a wooden paddle standing on the rocky bank of a large river wearing jeans and dark brown leather Danner Light boots with mountains and a wooden canoe in the background.

Ever evolving

It’s good to have a healthy regard for the past, but we don’t dwell in it. While the design and construction of the Danner Light are rooted in heritage, we’re always looking for ways to improve. Incorporating new technology like Vibram's Megagrip and OrthoLite footbeds provide improved traction and more comfortable arch support.

Close-up image of a person in mid-step walking on a tree-root covered forest floor wearing light brown leather Danner Light boots with navy Cordura inlays on the side and thick black Vibram outsoles.

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