What lasts a lifetime?

The best wading boots need to be ultra-comfortable and supportive for long days in heavy water. They should grip subsurface terrain, muddy trails and the occasional cross-stream log. They must drain quickly and avoid holding excess water. And on top of being tough as nails, they need a lifetime measured in decades. When Patagonia approached us to partner on the Foot Tractor and River Salt wading boots, we knew it was the start to something good.

Image of two boots resting on a green table near a stitching machine in the Danner Boot factory in Portland, Oregon.

Built in Portland, Ore.

We combined our legendary quality and craftsmanship with Patagonia's decades of fly fishing experience to create a wading boot beyond all others—each one proudly made by hand (with imported parts) in Portland, Oregon. With full-grain leather and stitchdown construction, these boots are made to be resoled and recrafted as they age, keeping them in the stream for many years to come. We believe they’re the last wading boots you’ll ever need to buy.

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Image of a fisher person walking along a mossy rock on the bank of a river showing the outsole with aluminum traction bars.

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