Danner X Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck x Danner Light

Ten years ago, we collaborated with Ball and Buck to create a unique version of our Danner Light, which became an instant classic. In a nod to that anniversary, we’re teaming up again and bringing the boot back. Made in the USA, the Ball and Buck x Danner Light boots combine stitchdown construction with modern features such as a leather upper, GORE-TEX® waterproof liner and our trademark craftsmanship. They are also recraftable, which means they can be resoled and reconditioned to keep them in the field and on the streets longer.

Ball and Buck x Danner Boot Care Kit

Boots built to last are worth extending the life of. Keep your brand-new Ball and Buck X Danner Light boots clean and conditioned. The Ball and Buck X Danner Boot Care Kit helps you do just that. Designed to prolong and restore the life of your leather boots, the kit includes a clear boot dressing, suede and leather cleaner, application brush and cotton cloth.

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