Reliably rugged

Built in the USA with a dedication to quality that goes back to 1932, the Bull Run is a utilitarian work boot with a timeless design that stays in style when you punch out. The full-grain leather upper is the perfect blend of strong and soft. Combine that with the sturdy Danner Wedge outsole and you get all-day comfort that lasts.

Image of a man sitting on a dirt bike in a garage while wearing work boots.

Strong, yet flexible.

Selecting just the right leather is the most important aspect of creating an unlined work boot. It must be strong and it must be soft. Through seven different tests, we graded leather hides in strength, density, and pull. We watched how the leather would conform to the foot with age, and we ensured that it was strong enough to stand up to work environments for years to come.

Image of the lower half of a man crouched and balancing on his toes while wearing work boots.

Image of a woman wearing a black tank top, blue jeans, and brown work boots working on her motorcycle in her garage.

Close up image of a the white bottom of a work boot worn by a person resting their foot on the peg of a dirt bike.

Modern comfort

On the outside, the Bull Run emulates a classic work boot, one that you’d pull out of your grandpa’s closet in hopes that it fits. With the Bull Run, we took that classic design and updated it with modern comfort. We re-engineered the fit to flow with the anatomy of the foot and to allow room for a soft and sturdy footbed, creating a fit focused on both comfort and long lasting support.

Image of the lower half of two people pushing a motorcycle onto a red work ramp wearing jeans and dark brown leather work boots with white outsoles.

Focus on the ways of our craft

Craftsmanship is found in the details that are unseen, like shaving down panels of leather prior to stitching and working the creases of the upper to create a more secure fit. These are the standards that were set in 1932 when the first Danner boot was made, and these are the same standards that ensure the USA-made Bull Run is a work boot that is built to last.

Close-up image of person wearing dark brown work boots with a white outsole and USA flag tag resting their foot on the peg of their moto.

Image of a woman on her motorcycle wearing brown leather work boots outside of a white building with picnic tables outside.

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