A classic logger without the classic logger weight

It’s all there. The arch support of a classic logger heel. The stability of stitchdown construction. The strength of rich, full-grain leather. The only thing missing is the weight you might expect from a boot of this caliber. The Danner Logger was created to bring a new level of lightweight comfort and flexibility to the traditional logger platform.

Image of a worker tightening nuts into through bolts on a metal beam wearing brown pants, an orange shirt, a hardhat, and black leather work boots with a black outsole with a heel.

Close-up image of the toe and side of a black leather work boot showing white stitching on the top of the outsole and triple white stitching on the boot upper.

Making the best better

We’ve made logging boots since 1932. It’s in our blood. But we’ve never built a pair as light and comfortable as these. The new Danner Logger isn’t a rehash of an older model. It’s a completely new design, built from the ground up on a new footwear last that was sculpted to create a broad and deep toebox while allowing room for a full-length, removable footbed.

Image of the lower half of worker standing on a concrete factory floor wearing worn brown pants and brown leather work boots with white stitching and a black outsole with a heel.

Embracing new ideas. Maintaining high standards.

Customary bootmaking fundamentals say logging boots need a heavy, metal shank buried deep in a thick rubber midsole. The Danner Logger breaks from that old school theory. It uses our Bi-Fit technology — a method that pairs those separate components into a single structure that’s light and flexible, yet still incredibly supportive.

Close-up image of the heel of a black leather logger work boot showing the deep tread pattern and yellow Vibram outsole logo.

Close-up image of the heel of a brown logger work boot showing the the triple stitching on the leather upper and stitchdown construction that attaches the outsole to the boot upper.

Stand sure-footed. On our heritage.

On rugged and uneven terrain, boots with a broader foundation keep you more stable. That’s why the Logger features our iconic, Danner stitchdown construction. We stitch the Logger’s upper through the boot’s insole board, creating a wider and more stable platform under foot. Vibram's trusted, 360˚ Logger outsole assures substantial edging and superior traction.

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