There’s something to be said for working with your hands – putting in an honest day and having something tangible to show for it.

There’s also something to be said for escaping the grind of the city to breathe fresh mountain air. Danner Portland Select was specifically created for the worker, the entrepreneur and the modern explorer — those who share the spirit of craftsmanship and adventure that brought Charles Danner westward to Oregon in 1932. Made in USA, as they have been for nearly 90 years, from premium full-grain leather, waterproof GORE-TEX liners and rugged Vibram® outsoles, these boots are built for those who log the hours, in the workshop or on the trails of the Cascades and beyond.

Image of Dee wearing yellow headphones and looking down at his work.

Dee Gipson

Family Man, Builder, DJ, Mechanic

Dee surrounds himself with timeless style — whether in the form of music, construction or vehicles built to last. A builder by day, he also moonlights as a DJ and has a passion for bringing trucks and Harley-Davidsons back to life.

Image of Rachel looking at a plaid shirt.

Rachel Petersen

Trailkeeper and Student of Ecological Restoration

Rachel grew up hiking in the Columbia Gorge and still spends as much time outside as possible. After managing boutiques in Portland for 20 years, she’s finishing a degree in natural resources with a focus on ecological restoration.

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