Some traditions are worth passing on. Some are worth perfecting.

We all walk a fine line between change for the sake of new versus change because it creates something better. As we developed the fourth generation Pronghorn, we looked back at the previous two decades of our most iconic boot. We extracted the best parts from each generation and created the new Pronghorn.

A perfect fit

Drawing inspiration from the original Pronghorn’s great fit, we redesigned the last, the mold around which the entire boot is constructed, to provide a more comfortable, athletic fit. We widened up the toe box and narrowed the heel, allowing the ball of the foot to rest comfortably while locking the heel of the foot firmly in place.

Streamlined design

The second generation Pronghorn introduced a streamlined design, removing both weight and bulk from the original. We dissected each component again, removed unnecessary material from the upper, and developed a lower profile, lighter weight platform that provides better comfort and support.

Rugged outsole

As the Pronghorn grew in popularity, it began making its way into more versatile and demanding conditions. In response, the third generation featured an extremely rugged outsole designed for diverse terrain. We evolved this outsole to provide better grip and fit seamlessly into the new Pronghorn’s streamlined, lower profile design.

Generation four

In addition to drawing inspiration from the past three generations, we enhanced the fourth generation based on feedback we received throughout the years. We softened up the collar, constructed the footbed of lighter weight, more breathable material, and added pull loops and semi-locking laces for a secure fit.

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