Designed for adventure both on and off the grid

The demands of vast, undeveloped expanses are high, but the city presents its own unique challenges. Adventures occur just the same both in-city and out, and weather will always remain an unpredictable companion. The 917 series was built for this environment, to thrive where concrete and steel rule the day while offering protection from the ever-changing elements. Whether you're counting down till Friday to head for open country or planning to spend your nights urban exploring, the Vertigo, Feather Light and Tramline are light enough for the day-to-day with waterproof protection when you need it. Featuring an exclusive, high-traction Vibram outsole, GORE-TEX lining, and our renowned durability paired with minimalistic aesthetics, you'll look good and be ready.

Image of a person standing on the rocky shore of a river on a cloudy evening with a city skyline and bridge in the background wearing black clothing and brown leather boots with white outsoles.

Good boots start with the best

We've always found it a lot easier to build a premium boot when you start with premium components and the 917 series carries that mindset forward. Our close relationship with Vibram helped us create a solid foundation for the line with an exclusive outsole utilizing their XS Trek rubber. This rubber compound balances comfort and stability with exemplary durability and traction in conditions on concrete and trails alike. The 917 sole is paired with Vibram’s SPE midsole which uses a unique co-polymer blend of both synthetic and natural rubber matched with EVA for a more durable midsole than plain EVA that’s still lightweight. To cap things off, we use waterproof breathable GORE-TEX lining so you can ignore rainy weather and focus on whatever your day might hold.

Close-up image of the top of a brown leather boot with black elastic at the foot opening, a Gore Tex tag, silver eyelets, and black laces.

Image of the lower half of a person stepping off the sidewalk onto a cobblestone street with orange leaves on a rainy day wearing dark jeans and brown boots.

Close-up image of the back of a person walking on a wet cobblestone street wearing dark jeans and brown leather boots with the embossed Danner logo visible on the back of the heel.

Danner tradition for the modern trail

While the 917 series opens a new avenue for lightweight, everyday boots, it's important they represent Danner's legendary quality and style. The Vertigo 917 and Feather Light 917 carry iconic Danner design elements and purpose-built features similar to our outdoor boots. Lace-to-toe functionality with our iconic D-rings, high traction Vibram outsoles, and stringently tested leather are all used in the construction of our 917 boots. This series takes what we know, what we've learned, and what our customers rely on to adapt, shape, and modernize each step.

Image of a person on a rocky river bank with a bridge in the background and one foot resting on a rock rolling their pant leg up above their brown leather boot.

Stitchdown that’s ready for downtown

Stitchdown construction has been one of our signature designs since the beginning and for good reason. Constructing our boots this way gives you better stability and provides greater durability. For the 917 series, we wanted to keep the benefits of stitchdown, while presenting a refined urban aesthetic. To do so, we combined the stitchdown construction with a cupsole process that wraps the midsole up around the stitching. This creates a more casual looking boot and allows for a little more flex to get that sneaker feel and comfort.

Close-up image of a person standing on the edge of a sidewalk wearing gray pants and well-lit brown leather boots with flat black laces and a light brown outsole.

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