Strive for perfection. And then improve upon it.

The original Workman was released back in 2004. It was an instant favorite among tradesmen, carpenters, and other skilled workers who understood that one pair of well-made boots would outlast three pairs of mediocre ones. Today the original Workman is back, with a few improvements. Under that classic silhouette and natural leather, you’ll find a completely new approach to support and comfort — one that makes the new Workman 13% lighter than its predecessor.

It’s not a slipper. But compared to other boots, it may feel like one.

In traditional boot construction the shank, midsole, and lasting board are separate components. They work together to provide stability and support. For the Workman, we re-envisioned that concept. Our bi-fit technology provides all the support and stability of a traditional set-up, while drastically reducing weight. The Workman is 13% lighter than previous generations.

Inspired by the past. But not stuck in it.

When we introduced the original Workman over a decade ago, we knew we had created something unique. But at Danner, the itch to improve is unrelenting. So for the reboot of this classic, we collaborated with Vibram, creating the first work boot in the world to incorporate Vibram’s new SPE midsole. Created with a unique blend of rubber and EVA, this midsole improves resiliency, cushioning, and durability, while minimizing weight. We then paired that midsole with a custom Vibram Workman outsole that’s more slip resistant than ever.

That’s no run-of-the-mill cowhide you’re looking at

The Workman is covered in rich aniline leather. It’s preserved using a process that colors and protects without concealing natural characteristics. That means every single boot naturally represents the tough hide that it’s crafted from and throughout the life of the boot, the leather gets betters with age.

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