Grounded in Action

This is tactical evolution. Drawing upon 10 years of knowledge gained since the original Striker release, we introduce the Striker® Bolt. The all-new TERRA FORCE® NEXT platform provides unprecedented responsiveness, comfort and stability, complemented by waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX protection and Vibram outsole durability. When your day is grounded in action, the Striker Bolt is more than ready.

Lighter, more capable, still legendary

The Danner TERRA FORCE® (TFX) platform has been a staple in the Danner line for many years and trusted by innumerable customers. In updating it with today’s technology, we had a responsibility to make the original even better. We knew only technology with a proven track record would make the grade. Keeping the all-around stitching that delivers reinforced durability and stability, we paired it with the Vibram SPE midsole and combined internal and external shank system to trim ounces and improve all-day comfort. The TERRA FORCE® NEXT Platform is prepared to keep you one step ahead all day, every day.

Solid footing to get the job done

Working a shift can be walking the neighborhood, standing at the ready for hours on end or sprinting full speed to kick down a door. And it can change at a moment's notice. The Striker Bolt was built to be ready for that reality from the ground up. To provide great grip, on and off the pavement, we partnered with industry leader Vibram to create a new Striker Bolt Outsole. Its lug pattern is designed for maximum surface contact for excellent slip resistance that’ll keep your steps solid every day.

Ready to prevail no matter what the day holds

No matter the weather or the ask, bowing out of a day on the job isn’t an option. We built the Striker Bolt to be trusted in any situation. For excellent durability and protection, it uses a full-grain leather upper that can take a beating. When you run into an unexpected flooded alley, pull street duty during an untimely downpour, or hit a pothole full of slush, the GORE-TEX waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

12-hour comfort you can count on

To make the Striker Bolt even more comfortable than the original, we turned to the technology found at the core of some of our best-selling hiking boots. The Vibram SPE midsole provides energy rebounding performance that cushions underfoot, but is more abrasion resistant and durable than traditional EVA. For you, that means the Striker Bolt will keep you light on your feet from hour 1 to hour 12.

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