The next step in a rich heritage

With decades of inspiration and a high bar to clear, we wanted our Powderhorn to honor our hunting boot heritage, while moving forward with today's footwear advancements. We designed the Powderhorn to be a thoroughly modern boot with new technology that raises its comfort, performance, and durability, while retaining an aesthetic that instantly recalls our hunting history. With the Powderhorn you get everything you expect from Danner when it comes to hunting - full-grain leather, rugged outsoles, waterproofing, and reliable versatility - all refined, improved, and ready to venture even further afield.

Built to the standards of the backcountry

The Powderhorn is built rugged and ready to face whatever might arise come thick timber, scree filled slopes, or barren exposed ridges. Our iconic stitchdown construction creates a wide platform and excellent stability that’s durable and allows for recrafting when the time comes. To shave weight and lighten each step we turned to our new bi-fit technology. By combining the midsole and shank into one piece it allows for lighter weight and increased comfort, and the durability we insist on.

Refining a legend

For over 80 years, we've been committed to a continuous cycle of refining and improving our boot construction process and materials. When it came to our beloved Bob outsole, we knew there was a way for it to evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of hunters. Prompted by years of learning and time spent in the field, we swapped in pointed multi-directional lugs for greater longevity and increased durability when the terrain gets rocky. Sharpened external lugs continue the increased traction, but help maintain the debris shedding reputation the former Bob had been known for.

Superior comfort for easier hunting

The Powderhorn looks like the rugged hunting boot it is. Tall and trail tough with full-grain leather, GORE-TEX waterproofing and a toothy outsole. But inside we made sure to deliver unexpected comfort. A floating tongue lifts the liner off the foot to provide better air circulation for cooler feet over long miles. Strategically placed foam panels provide more cushioning where you need it, while the removal of foam in unnecessary areas helped us shave off weight. Rest easy knowing your feet will be comfy for each step in the field - first or last.

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