As treeline drops away and solid footing becomes rare, trust between you and your boots is critical. The Crag Rat USA is built to live up to the demands of the high-alpine trail. Constructed in our Portland, Ore. factory, it's designed for heavy hiking, backpacking and light mountaineering. Using premium components like GORE-TEX and Vibram, you can be confident it will perform when you’re way out. The Crag Rat USA incorporates a waterproof, breathable lining, full rubber rand and our Dynamic Response System to create an adaptive platform you can rely on every step of the way, no matter the weather or the footing.

Image of brown leather Crag Rat boots with black outsoles and green laces resting on the mossy ground with specs of snow.


It’s the closeness to the process, the hands-on quality control, and the daily immersion in production that differentiates building our boots in Portland. We can make the best boots that way. With premium full-grain leather, double stitching, and a full rubber rand, the Crag Rat USA is up to scramble through endless scree fields or bushwhack through backcountry for as long as you are.

Close-up image a person pulling up their gray sock wearing brown leather Crag Rat boots with black along the outsole, a black outsole with a green stripe, and a USA flag tag attached on the heel.

Image of a hiker standing on a mossy rock wearing a red jacket, a yellow backpack, and brown leather Crag Rat boots.

Close-up image of a person tying their green laces of their brown leather Crag Rat boot with their foot resting on a tan rock.


No two feet are alike, and from the moment you hit the trail, they will change from heat and pressure throughout the day. With that in mind, we set out to make the Crag Rat USA to provide a supportive, yet comfortable fit, in a boot designed for a life of long, steep trails. Keeping your heel locked in, whether ascending or descending, is a critical component to avoiding blisters, so we integrated a unique double hook to provide extra help and endless fine tuning. Combined with d-rings from toe to ankle, the Crag Rat USA lets you zero in on just the right fit for your foot, no matter how many miles you have planned.

Image of a hiker in the snow-speckled forest looking through their yellow backpack wearing a red jacket, a gray stocking hat, black pants, and brown leather Crag Rat boots.


Knowing what to expect from your boots with every step inspires confidence, critical when you’re headed into the mountains. Our decades of experience have taught us that many boots change along with trail and weather conditions, leading to variable performance and instability. For the Crag Rat USA, we wanted to ensure that whether the temps are rising or falling you know exactly what to expect from them. That’s why we developed our Dynamic Response System, which is engineered for optimal stability underfoot. Its framework provides springboard return, even in cold environments, paired with a dual-density polyurethane midsole for super shock absorption and durability.

Close-up image of a person walking on mossy rocks in the sunlight wearing black pants and brown leather Crag Rat boots with silver eyelets an green laces.

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