Built for the city, ready for the trail.

While we wish we could spend most days on the trail, that’s often not the reality. Urban landscapes form the backdrop of many a day. The Caprine was built to bring our iconic durability and performance to a form fit for life in the city. The custom Vibram outsole and Caprine name are inspired by the highest places in nature and the mountain goats that navigate them. The clean, minimalist design and ultra-grippy traction will leave you ready for any day in town and any impromptu adventure on the trail. Available in durable suede or breathable, abrasion-resistant knit and nubuck leather.

Modern Minimalism

When designing the Caprine, we set out to deliver the traction and durability of a hiker in a sleek urban form. The Caprine has a clean, minimalist aesthetic with options for a breathable upper that merges nubuck leather with our new 3D knit construction or a durable suede. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, you’ll know you’ve got a shoe that can perform and look good doing it.

New direction, same durability.

No matter what we’re making, durability is never up for compromise. For the Caprine that meant utilizing a trusted suede and creating an optional, ultra-strong knit for the upper from extremely high tensile strength yarns that can withstand our rigorous testing standards. Strategically placed water-and-abrasion-resistant nubuck leather adds protection to high-stress zones. We DWR coated the Caprine to help repel both rain and the occasional coffee spill. To keep each step a comfortable one, we used a midsole made from our Plyolite EVA that will provide long-lasting underfoot cushioning.

Nature does it best

In collaboration with the industry leading experts at Vibram, we developed an outsole inspired by the two-toed hooves of goats for maximum grip. The heel of our new outsole mimics the parabolic shape of each toe of a goat hoof to provide strength, as well as the ability for independent movement from each side of the heel. This allows the Caprine to help absorb and grip any irregularities in the ground. The entire outsole was designed for superior urban traction by using increased surface area with the ground beneath and is made from Vibram’s Megagrip compound known for extra-grippy performance on wet or dry surfaces.

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