When the Trail Calls, Be Ready

Built for life in the city, the Overlook provides everyday sneaker comfort that's ready to hit the trail at a moment's notice. It features a dual-density midsole that's firmer around the edges for stability and softer in the middle for traction where you need it most. The EnduroKnit upper is made of water-resistant, super strong knit that meets Danner's rigorous standards for durability. Triangle lugs on the outsole give you lots of surface contact for reliable grip on a variety of surfaces, from sidewalks to sandy trails.

Image of man sitting on rock in forest while wearing casual hiking shoes.

Go With the (Air)Flow

A breathable EnduroKnit upper helps feet stay cool and dry as you explore the city on hot, muggy days. A water-repellent finish stands up to wet grass or spilled coffee.

Image of pair of casual hiking shoes placed on cement stairs.

Image of man sitting on a dock with outsole of shoes towards the camera.

Sturdier Than Your Average Sneaker

You can't bring your hiking boots with you everywhere you go. Now you don't need to. Triangle lugs on the outsole keep you sure-footed in the park or the trail as well as on city streets.

Tech-Driven Footprint

Don't stop where the pavement ends. The Overlook's dual-density midsole is softer in the middle and firmer around the edges to give you confidence on uneven terrain.

Image of man walking on driftwood while wearing casual hiking shoes.

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