Optimized for the pursuit of big game in vegetated terrain.

We partnered with SITKA and GORE-TEX to build the only boot available with OPTIFADE Subalpine. Designed for close-quarters hunting, within 50 yards or less, the OPTIFADE Subalpine concealment pattern was developed specifically for vegetated environments, giving hunters the ability to better engage animals at closer distances on the ground. Whether you are charging up a steep incline or ambushing game in thick timber our boots with OPTIFADE Subalpine will perform.

High Ground OPTIFADE Subalpine

Built with one word in mind - endurance. The High Ground allows a hunter to hunt longer with less foot fatigue, hunt faster and quieter as they track their prey, and maintains the longevity and durability that we demand.

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Gila OPTIFADE Subalpine

Designed to be our most versatile hunting boot, the Gila transitions smoothly between lower timber and high alpine. Whether you're glassing open bowls, tiptoeing through aspen groves, battling scree fields, or simply covering miles at a time, the Gila provides durable protection, comfort, and mobility while hunting in the most rugged conditions.

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