Two brands driven to higher standards

Sharing a common drive to get outdoors and build the best tools for life off the beaten path, we’ve partnered with Helinox to create a new camp collection for spring. The special-edition Helinox Chair One and Table One use industry-leading DAC aluminum pole frames, precision engineered nylon joints and an ultra-durable Helinox textile created specifically for this collaboration. The Portland-made Danner Light features a classic Vibram Kletterlift outsole, our renowned stitchdown construction and the same Helinox textile used in the chair and table. DAC aluminum alloy lace hooks and ultra-strong Dyneema laces ensure your boots stay secure on foot. With a focus on precision, durability and performance, the Danner x Helinox collection is the perfect kit for spring hikes and cool nights around the campfire.

The world's best aluminum

For more than 30 years DAC of Korea has been obsessed with testing, improving and refining its ultra-light and ultra-strong alloys for outdoor gear. The best tents, chairs and hiking poles use DAC aluminum, and Helinox is the truest expression. All Helinox products use DAC aluminum poles, and the special-edition Danner Light utilizes it with a custom upper lace hook.

Partners in durability

With a shared dedication to exceeding the highest durability standards, it’s no surprise our collaboration with Helinox delivers on gear that’s built to last. Both the Helinox table and chair are designed to maximize strength while keeping weight to a minimum. All the joining components of the chair and table are precision engineered from high-strength nylon to securely and confidently connect each DAC aluminum section. Our Danner Light boots have proven their durability over four decades by leveraging premium leather, our famous stitchdown construction, GORE-TEX waterproof liners and Vibram outsoles. For this collaboration, we took it one step further by adding laces made from Dyneema, a lightweight fiber that’s 15x stronger than steel by weight. Overbuilt yet featherweight, all three pieces are sure to be in your outdoor kit for a long time.

Built for life outside

The Danner x Helinox collection was built to seamlessly integrate into a life lived chasing the outdoors. The Helinox table and chairs are easily packable and ready to be set up or broken down in quick order. Their lightweight, high-strength aluminum frames use a single-shock corded pole construction for near instantaneous assembly. We know getting to that perfect sunrise spot or picnic locale doesn’t just happen, so the Danner Light is built to conquer any terrain you may encounter along the way. Lightweight, stable and capable, you can rely on this collection from the moment you step outdoors to your last sip of coffee at your final destination.

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