The evolution of a classic. Built for life outside.

The Explorer 650 is our answer to the question: What if we designed the Danner Light today? As one of our oldest and dearest boots, the Danner Light led the outdoor industry in innovation in 1979, as the first piece of footwear to feature a GORE-TEX® liner. Decades later, we're taking that same drive for technical innovation and starting fresh, applying all we’ve learned since then. Integrating new technology from top to bottom, the Explorer 650 is a multi-use, seven-day-a-week hiker that exudes our performance heritage aesthetic in paying homage to the Danner Light. It’s the perfect evolution of a timeless hiking boot.

Light on your feet, to conquer longer trails.

Ensuring the Explorer 650 was light and comfortable for long days on the trail was a primary goal when we undertook its design. Taking a cue from the Explorer 650’s predecessor, the Danner Light, we strategically replaced sections of the leather upper with large durable nylon panels. This shaved off significant weight and improved breathability, with the added benefit of a shorter break-in time. After analyzing wear patterns and traction points on test boots, we made the boot even lighter by removing unnecessary rubber under the arch, which rarely needs traction. Light, comfortable, and breathable, the Explorer 650 leaves little excuse for not being fast on the trail.

Secure footing for insecure ground

Working with the engineers at Vibram, we designed a new outsole that uses their Megagrip compound and self-adapting lug pattern for superior grip on both wet and dry terrain. We matched the new sole with Vibram’s lightweight and energy-rebounding SPE midsole which uses infused natural rubber for increased durability and minimal weight. With the Explorer 650 you know that whichever approach you choose, your footing will be solid yet comfy.

A Danner Classic Reimagined

When it comes to making durable boots that you can rely on, we’ve been leading the pack since 1932. We set the standard for waterproof hiking boots in the '70s with the launch of our Danner Light. And in the years since, we’ve learned lessons with each boot we built. The Explorer 650 is an expression of our always testing tradition. Today, the Explorer 650 uses our Danner Dry liner to be waterproof just like its game changing predecessor. Materials advance and evolve but we’re always dedicated to building high-quality, reliable boots, whether in the '70s with the Danner Light or today with the Explorer 650.

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