Brian Pietrowski

Lead Craftsman

Graduating from OCAC over 6 years ago, Brian didn't expect that his favorite part of the project would be re-immersing himself into the OCAC environment and reconnecting with the student community. "I like working with people to solve their problems. I enjoy versatility in projects, especially when I’m helping someone else find their way and not just forcing my design perspective into the world." With a multitude of experience in architectural design, furniture conservation, stop animation sets and commercial art, it was a surprise to hear Brian discuss his own learning's from the project. "I have a hard time designing something and letting someone else fabricate it, but working on the R with Tony at Tonic Fabrication proved to be a great example about how simple the process can be when you acknowledge and trust in each other's expertise."

Local Inspiration

The People and Places That Keep Craft Alive

  • Bosky Dell Natives

    We are all stewards of the earth. This stewardship needs to be passed from the old to the young.

  • Tonic Fab

    We believe in bikes, doing your own thing, and doing it well. Tonic is built around integrity.

  • City Bikes

    Citybikes promotes a life-style utilizing bicycles for transportation and recreation.