A boot first. A sneaker second.

We didn’t get our chops building athletic shoes. We make boots. So when we decided to create a lightweight trainer, we took our 80-plus years of experience and created a boot that acts like a shoe, not a shoe that acts like a boot.

The boot

Unlike any other trainer on the market, the Tachyon is the first to offer the protection and durability demanded from a boot. With features like a full rubber outsole for superior abrasion resistance, traction, and durability, and a waterproof GORE-TEX option, the Tachyon presents boot performance first, and sneaker performance second.

The sneaker

We challenged ourselves to find the line between developing a boot that offers sneaker-like performance alongside a higher standard in durability than any other trainer on the market. By stripping out unnecessary features associated with most boots and utilizing lightweight construction methods and materials, we were able to create our lightest boot yet.

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