The perfect balance of comfort, support, and durability.

Pride of service comes in many forms. For us, it’s our dedication to creating a better product. To make it stronger. To make it lighter. To make it last. As we developed the Striker Torrent, we challenged ourselves to find the perfect balance between comfort and support while ensuring that the new Striker would outlast its predecessor.

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Unwavering support

With the design of the all new TFX 8 platform, we found the perfect balance between stability and lightweight performance. We widened the platform in the medial toe and lateral heel zones, where you need stability the most, and stripped out heavy-weight stitching in the opposite zones, creating the lightest- weight TFX platform yet.

All day comfort

Comfort is essential for those who wear boots all day, every day. We utilized a soft yet durable EVA midsole and streamlined the overall platform, creating better underfoot cushioning that's also lighter weight. We then added a speed lacing system, making it easy to quickly tighten and adjust for a closer, more uniform fit.

Extreme durability

Since the release of the original Striker years ago, we've learned and heard a lot from the customers who wear them. This led us to work with Vibram to develop a patent-pending outsole, featuring an extremely durable rubber compound that's both oil and slip resistant, and multi-directional lugs for quick pivotal movement in any direction.

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