Peak performance perfected

The canyons call as jagged cliffs cut into the skies above. The meadows quake as rolling hills run into the river’s divide. It is here where monsters emerge. Where miles consist of grueling climbs and shaky descents and success only comes for those prepared to tackle it. The Gila National Forest is some of the most wildly stunning terrain in North America and there is only one boot designed to conquer it.

Flexible performance

The Gila was designed to be the most versatile alpine hunting boot available, able to transition smoothly between lower timber and high alpine. Its highly breathable footbed, polyurethane midsole, and integrated polypropylene board work together to provide soft cushioning and supportive flex that won’t break down over time or stiffen up in cold conditions. Combined with the newly developed outsole, which features heavy outer lugs for lateral movement, the Gila provides superior traction and support while hunting in the most rugged conditions.

OPTIFADE™ concealment

Working with GORE-TEX we integrated their innovative OPTIFADE™ concealment pattern into the Gila to create a high performance camouflage boot, ideal for hunting elk, deer, and bighorn sheep. Digital camouflage utilizes a micro pattern of small fragmented shapes alongside a macro pattern of large fragmented shapes to break up the lines of the object, allowing it to blend into any background. Where traditional camouflage makes you look like something, GORE-TEX OPTIFADE™ makes you look like nothing.

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