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Towering at 11,240 feet overhead, Mount Hood stands as a beacon for our hometown of Portland, Ore. It has provided resources and recreation long before we opened our doors in 1932, which is the year we started crafting boots that could stand up against the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest. In the 1930’s a well-worn pair of Danner boots served as proof that a logger was worth his salt. By the 1970’s, our boots were a staple for Mount Hood’s most seasoned outdoorsmen, thanks to the introduction of GORE-TEX® lined hikers. Today, our boots serve as the standard for the modern adventurer. Those called to leave comforts aside and experience the raw beauty of the outdoors. To introduce our Fall 2015 collection, we explored Mount Hood with a group of friends - wandering along the Pacific Crest Trail, sleeping under the stars and staying true to our roots as the Outdoor Original.