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Portland Select

Previously known as Stumptown, the new Portland Select collection is made in the USA from the highest quality materials and built to withstand the harshest conditions from the Pacific Northwest to New York City. Designed for the modern explorer, the collection draws upon inspiration from our iconic boots built for hiking, work and the military. Still today, we are committed to the same high standards that Charles Danner set out to achieve all those years ago.

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  • Mark Bollman

    “It’s integral to what makes america america. t’s what originally put us on the map. The craft. Building things.”

    Mark Bollman

    Ball and Buck
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  • Laila Gohar

    “Now more than ever, people are asking where their food comes from and how it got to them. I think people are increasingly aware of this.”

    Laila Gohar

    Studio Laila Gohar
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  • Jerry Buttles

    “I try to capture the image the way I see it. To keep it authentic. Being true to yourself can keep you focused.”

    Jerry Buttles

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  • Shinsuke Nakada

    “After 10 years, a father can pass it along to his son because the design is classic.”

    Shinsuke Nakada

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