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Naturalist Curved Hatchet

|  Style 90055
USA Crafted
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After dozens of prototypes and countless hours of research and design, the guys at Hardcore Hammers were ready to expand from their hammer collection. The all-purpose Naturalist Curved hatchet can handle chopping firewood, felling small trees, or any other tasks you want to throw at it. Hand forged and made with American Hickory handles, each hatchet has a unique look.


  • Made in USA
  • 19 oz.
  • 18" handle length
  • American Hickory handles are each unique in their coloring and grain

  • About Hardcore Hammers: It wasn’t based on a desire to start a USA manufacturing company that started Hardcore Hammers, it was due to two brothers' frustration with the waffle on a framing hammer wearing out. With a bit of ingenuity, some blood, some sweat and a lot of trial and error, the brothers created Hardcore Hammers – a manufacturer of high quality tools that outperform and outlast all others.