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JJ Original Knife Kit

|  Style 90040
USA Crafted
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Originally made from scraps found in Gene Jameson's wood shop, the first JJ knife kit was made as an interactive toy for father and son to assemble and finish together. These kits are crafted to provide an introduction to woodworking with precisely cut parts that fit together to complete a fun and creative toy.


  • Made in the USA
  • 6 pieces of wood
  • 4 metal pins
  • Complete instructions
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Contains small parts

About Jameson Woodworks: For a Christmas gift in 1999, Gene Jameson made two wooden pocket knives to give to his two young cousins. They, of course, loved them. No more were made until the Christmas of 2008, when Gene made one for his own son, JJ. This time, however he wanted to create something more interactive than a finished wooden knife. So instead, he made a kit that he and JJ could assemble together. This was the launch of Jameson Woodworks toy kits. Still made by Gene in his workshop in South Carolina, they interest the young craftsman at heart.