Steele Walston

OCAC Student

A 4th year thesis student at OCAC, Steele pulled from his knowledge and passion for color theory to create the intricate hop inlay on the T for Portland. "I like to think about how the various elements of an object can converse among each other." Steele, a contemplative mind, approached each letterform focusing on the process of the craft and not just the outcome. "To create the F as a symbol of yard art, I only used tools that I imagined I would find in a folk artist's garage."

Local Inspiration

The People and Places That Keep Craft Alive

  • Laurelwood Brewing Co.

    This region of the US is unique and rich in local products. Laurelwood has always been supportive of local, natural and sustainable products.

  • The ReBuilding Center

    The ReBuilding Center accepts the region's largest volume of used building and remodeling materials, providing resources for the benefit of communities with the goal of promoting sustainable practices.