Brittany Chavez

OCAC Student

Brittany, a 4th year thesis student, found her way to OCAC after falling in love with the comforting fog of the Oregon coast. With a focus in photography and printmaking Brittany’s passions embodied each of her letterforms yet challenged her as she was tasked to create three-dimensional objects for the first time. "The A was the toughest. I'd never built a camera before so the experience of making it; from drafting and troubleshooting the design, to the actual build was really fun, and on top of it being able to create the letterform so it could actually take a picture of something that happened in the world was so rewarding."

Local Inspiration

The People and Places That Keep Craft Alive

  • ADX

    From large, private wood and metal shops, to co-working desks, to big open areas for large projects, the ADX amenities offer the opportunity for makers of all stripes to explore their craft, prototype products, and enlist the support of industry experts.