Alfredo Contreras

Danner Craftsman

As a senior pattern engineer and 40-year craftsman for Danner boots, Alfredo was excited to create both of the D’s for Crafted In Portland. "This project was very nice. It was as exciting as when I made Danner boots for Packy the famous elephant at the Portland Zoo, just not as smelly." As a young apprentice, Alfredo honed his skills making shoes by his fathers side and for the past 40 years he used these skills to create some of Danner's most classic styles. "I would go with my father to the shop. It is how I learned. And now, I see others learning from the patterns that I created many years ago."

Local Inspiration

The People and Places That Keep Craft Alive

  • Danner Factory Store

    The Danner Factory Store is the only store that offers the complete line of Danner boots as well as a broad and ever-changing selection of factory seconds, discounted styles and one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else. 120th + Airport Way Portland, Ore